Visionary Park

Visionary Park consists of several interconnected facilities:

The Museum

The museum will be organized into 3 separate units.

The memorial room, where the prophets slept, will be converted into an apartment where those visitors who believe in their visions will be able to spend only one night.

The second unit will be dedicated to the history of the people of the hamlet of Tarabići, their ancestors, as well as many others who contributed to the preservation of the prophecies and this remote community.

The main section of the Museum is dedicated to an exhibition with pictures and texts of the most significant predictions from their visions and a multimedia presentation with holographic effects.

Virtually, with a three-dimensional projection, we will take visitors back through time, 200 years prior to Mount Tara, where the prophets  spent days with their herds, among wolves, foxes, bears and there saw and heard that which was to become the world of tomorrow.

The beauty of this virtual journey is that everyone can experience the world of yesterday, in their own personal way. 


This small, simple Orthodox chapel, without any large ornate elements, will be dedicated to Saint Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović. Bishop Nikolaj was the author of the foreword to the first book dedicated to the Tarabić prophets, “Mysterious Occurrences in Our Nation” – The Kremna Prophecy, written by Dr. Radovan Kazimirović. For the Tarabić family this book is considered as the only authentic one.

Tesla Tower and Laboratory

In his preface to this book, Bishop Nikolaj also mentions Nikola Tesla, whom he personally met in 1916. This was the reason for placing stylized copies of the famous Tesla Antenna from Long Island, and the Tesla Laboratory from Colorado as key structures in our park. Tesla’s antenna, which will be placed among the tall pines, will be called the “Tower of Silence” and visitors will be able to experience Tesla’s words near it: “Being alone is the moment when ideas are born, to be alone is the secret of discovery”.

In a stylized replica of Tesla’s Colorado Springs laboratory, visitors will be able to learn about Tesla’s contributions in the fields of science and enjoy a demonstration of his largest, 12 million volt transformer.

Futuristic cottages

These three small futuristic structures draw inspiration from the local pine trees, and will provide a unique opportunity for visitors who want to spend time in this fascinating and mysterious village.

River structure

The structure by the stream is the final part of the Visionary Park. It is designed primarily in glass so the visitors can enjoy this picturesque valley with amazing nature, mystical stone and trees over 2 centuries old. It will have an info center, space for exhibitions, seminars and other presentations. A rooftop bar with a large terrace is planned, overlooking the surrounding hills full of pine forests.