Prota Zaharije Zaharić
(1836 - 1918)

Another fundamental figure for the Kremna prophecies, was Prota Zaharije, who wrote down the visions of Miloš and Mitar Tarabić, and thus preserved them to date. Zaharije was a parish priest in village, and godfather to the Tarabić family.  As one of the few literate man in the community, it is to his credit that the prophecies have been preserved and have grown into a proper myth.

“You see, my godfather, Zaharie, up in the mountains I observe. . . I watch and I see and hear everything. . . That’s how I know what will happen to all of us, this nation and the rest of the world. . . How I watch and hear it all, I can’t explain in this language. . . I don’t know the word to explain how but… so I was told”

“It’s mine to write, and only time will tell that what we don’t know, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

The first man of the Kremna legend, Prota Zacharije, (Taken in front of the famous Kremna church, called Ćelija, 1907)